The Best and Free Voice Changer Apps

The Best and Free Voice Changer Apps

The Best and Free Voice Changer Apps:


You can use varied software to change the original voice. This kind of software can be used in different walks of life. There can be a professional reason to change the voice or just for the sake of making prank calls for fun. The voice changing software can be categorized into two tools viz real-time based and non-real time-based tools.Best and Free Voice Changer Apps

Real-time based software does exactly what it sounds like it does, i.e enabling you to change your voice quickly during a live conversation. But in case of non-real time-based software, first, it points you out for recording the voice in a specific file format and then imparts magic effects, making a new file.


You can transform your voices into voices of cartoons or the voice of the opposite gender by using a voice changer. There is a wide variety of applications available in the market allowing you to change the voices using voice changing software. Below is a list of the best free software to do the same:


  1. Skype Voice Changer


This software is equipped and used in Skype conversations. It offers you a range of options to have fun by using its tools. If you desire to see how you would sound if you were an alien and add some voice effects in it like a sound echo, then this software is for you and you’ll find it amazing to use. You can alter the pitch and intensity of the sound as per your own personal preference. Here, you can also replay pre-recorded voice. Also, you can append the background music like you can put in the sound of traffic in case you want to indicate that you are in a traffic jam.

  1. All-in-One Voice Changer


It is somewhat similar to Skype Voice Changer, but it offers its services to IM (Instant Messaging) apps such as Yahoo Messenger. It does not focus solely on making pranks but it has been developed with the idea of serving a professional purpose. Professional purposes in this regard could be online meetings, digital sessions, and interviews. However, It is not free of cost application because after the ending of the trial period you have to pay a fee.


  1. Fake Voice


This offers you to modify your voice by making use of simple tools. Additionally, it has a tuning scale that helps you alter the intensity of the pitch. This software doesn’t operate on a real-time basis. Therefore, you cannot use this software to modify the voice during live conversation.


  1. Vocal Voice Changer


It is a complete-package software to convert your voice into the voice of goblin primarily and others additionally. As it has a friendly user interface, so it is easier and better for beginners for understanding the basics. Moreover, this can be used for both real-time as well as non-real time purposes.


  1. VoiceMaster


It is real-time voice changing software that can alter the pitch and range of voice during live conversation. It can run with Skype while you are using a Skype call to modify the pitch level of your voice.


  1. Hero Voicer


It can be operated with the Skype app and/or other voice chat apps. It has a built-in database of a variety of character voices. This software emphasizes more on gamers. Through the help of this software, you can imitate similar voices and commands in the game chat that the respective characters are playing in the game.


  1. Clownfish Voice Changer


This is software having versatility in modifying the tone and sound. It offers conversion on a real-time basis. Here, you can record your voice through the microphone. Comparatively, it has a more complex user interface making it not so easy for beginners.


  1. Voice Candy

If you wish to change your voice in Mac, then Voice Candy is the best option you can avail. In this software, you can change the voice recording into as many as eight kinds of voices. However, a huge demerit of it is that it is not compatible with live conversations. However, you can create the sound like that of a conversation by switching the different effects in the same voice over. The free trial period is up to 15 days. Setup MS office here or

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